Goals and Objectives of Pilot View Inc.

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As a non-profit concentrating on natural resource planning and environmental quality, rural development, and educational assistance, we plan to continue our efforts to provide technical expertise through our networking system. We share with government a public goal as our mission. But, like the private sector, we share the flexibility to adapt to change more rapidly and effectively than government. As entrepreneurs, we can serve as incubators for researching new ideas, testing innovative projects, demonstrating new and effective programs, and identifying best practices around the country, and adapting them for use in the six-county area served by Pilot View RC&D, Inc.

A. Water Management

Objective 1: Protect Surface and Ground Water

Objective 2: Reduce damage and destruction to public and private property through stormwater management.

Objective 3: Improve and maintain wetland conservation.

B. Land Management

Objective: Improve the quality of life through the utilization of conservation practices. 

C. Community Development

Objective 1: Provide educational and training programs that promote sound natural resource decisions. 

Objective 2: Economic Development - Increase jobs and per capita income

Objective 3: Recreation - Promote family opportunities, beautification, and economic benefits through recreation.

D. Land Conservation

Objective: Use land conservation Best Management Practices to provide assistance & support for planned programs.