Project Showcase: Ararat River - Phase II 

Multiple watershed projects address water quality issues



April 2010


Four projects within the Ararat River watershed continue the effort to improve and protect water quality in this basin, which flows into the Yadkin River. In particular, these projects address the effects of development close to a stream and mitigate the problems from runoff from golf courses. Runoff from golf courses is often laden with fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides.
At White Sulfur Springs, Pilot View persuaded a developer to grant a 300-foot deep buffer along the stream to prevent development too close to the stream. Stream restoration in the Tom's Creek basin further protects the water supply for the Town of Pilot Mountain. Phase II includes projects at Pilot Knob Golf Course and Mount Airy Country Club. Specific work is designed to minimize the polluting effects of chemical runoff while also stabilizing streams to reduce erosion and sedimentation.

In June elected representatives, local officials, and project funders will be treated to a tour of the work completed at Mount Airy Country Club. "The project has benefits that extend well beyond thework area," said Charles Anderson, Pilot View executive director. "This tour is a good way for those who champion these causes to see what is being done on the ground and to gain an appreciation of the benefits of their collaboration.